Testimonials and Benefits of Acupuncture Treatments


“I visited Sydney for a 30 minute Stress Relief Session. I am in high stress job and she made my last two weekends calm, relaxed and in control.” CD

“I had an appointment for some tendonitis in my elbow, and I felt better the next day. Thanks so much!” SB

“When I had my appointment yesterday, I honestly had my doubts. I’ve had severe back pain for several months. When the needle went into my hand, I noticed immediately that the back pain dissipated. After 24 hours, there was still no back pain. And, I feel lighter and more alive! I am honestly amazed, and so grateful. Thank you. I’m coming back every month for a treatment.” AV

Sydney’s serene nature put me at east instantly. Her space has a beautiful view, never even noticed the needles. Best of all- it works! I left feeling relaxed!” DD

“Thanks Sydney for the wonderful care. I have truly enjoyed my experience with you and for taking such great care of the people I refer to you!” RK

“Before visiting Sydney, I had never tried acupuncture. I have been blessed with good health but was looking to see what acupuncture was all about. I decided to have a treatment for general health and to prepare me for the seasonal change from fall to winter. The treatment was amazingly relaxing and very peaceful. Her space by the river encourages peace, harmony and relaxation. I would highly recommend Sydney as she is very knowledgeable about acupuncture and Chinese herbs.” DS

“I was really reluctant to believe how well acupuncture would work. After suffering from severe seasonal allergies for years and dreading yet another season of snotty tissues, I went to see Sydney as a last resort. She made my spring so much more enjoyable – my allergy symptoms were reduced 75%! It has made it much more manageable, and it did not take nearly as many treatments as I thought it would to get me there!” CH

“I met Sydney two years ago. I did not know much about acupuncture, and after hearing Sydney talk about acupuncture and her practice, I decided to try it for my insomnia. After a couple of treatments, I found that I was getting more restful sleep during the night and waking up more refreshed in the morning. I started out with weekly sessions, but now go once every two months to maintain overall health.”

“Sydney is a very knowledgeable and compassionate Acupuncturist. She is concerned about my well-being and is always there to listen and ask questions. I highly recommend Sydney.” RD

“I have been going to Sydney for acupuncture treatments for 9 months. I am bothered with asthma, and each time I get a treatment, my lungs feel much clearer, and my breathing is easier. Most recently, I got a treatment for what seemed like arthritis in my ring finger of the right hand. Two weeks later the pain is hardly there, and I have more freedom to move it with no pain. ACUPUNCTURE WORKS!!! And Syd is a wonderful lady.” RC

“My first introduction to acupuncture was 20+ years ago…I had a bad knee that surgery and PT had not been able to heal it. I was a teenager who couldn’t water ski or snow ski and was limited with a bum knee. A very nervous first time with a limited few “pokes” of acupuncture with Sydney had me so calm I fell asleep. Now 6 months of treatment later, I have had full range use of my “bum” knee ever since!”

“After playing the flute for 45 years, the pain in my neck and back had become overwhelming. An automobile accident exacerbated the problem, and I was contemplating the end of my career as a professional musician. Physical therapy and massage had been somewhat helpful, but the pain always returned, each time a little more severe than the last. Although I had always been afraid of acupuncture, I decided to give it a try after my physical therapist recommended it to me as a means to release the ever-present knots in my back and shoulder muscles. Sydney focused not only on the specific muscular issues related to flute-playing, but also took the time to understand my lifestyle and body as a whole. Her knowledge, skill, and kind, reassuring manner soon put me at ease, and the results were amazing: The pain is virtually gone, and I have restored the strength needed to continue playing.” JM

“I’ve had some chronic health problems over the past fifteen years, and seen several doctors over that time period with little success. While medications were prescribed, I felt that they were only band-aids and did not address the root of the issue. Sydney really took the time to understand my health history, and has been treating me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs now for almost two years. What a difference this has made in my health! When I see her regularly, my symptoms are greatly diminished, my immune system is stronger and my stress level is greatly reduced. I am now a huge believer in acupuncture, and a big fan of Sydney’s expertise and care. I’d recommend her to anyone!” SO