Last month we discussed the Thyroid and how it contributes to your overall health.  In this newsletter we’ll take a look at the Adrenal glands, and how our eating habits influence their functioning.

Chinese medicine teaches that Adrenal gland function is included in the energy system of the Kidneys.  Both the Adrenals in Western medicine and the Kidneys in Chinese medicine have a role in providing warmth and energy to the body, modulating stress and contributing to sexuality.  Cortisol, a hormone secreted by the Adrenals, plays a vital role in how much energy we have by helping to keep blood sugar levels adequate.

Many factors contribute to Adrenal fatigue and the deficiency of Kidney energy.  We live in a society where stress, overwork, excessive caffeine consumption and irregular eating are all too common.  Acupuncture, herbal support and meditation can help, but a question that is important for us all to ask ourselves is  this: Does the food I eat and the frequency or infrequency of which I eat contribute to nourishment of my body or to its stress?

When the Adrenals are already fatigued they it turn secrete less cortisol, making it more difficult to maintain normal blood sugar levels.  People with Adrenal fatigue also tend to have low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.  Symptoms of hypoglycemia include shakiness, anxiety, excessive hunger, and difficulty concentrating.  Conversely, skipping meals and relying on a cup of coffee or coke to get you through until the next meal put enormous stress on the Adrenals and will lead to a decrease in their function over time.

To avoid or minimize such issues, it’s important to eat high quality foods that are a combination of healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal. Equally important is eating at regular intervals to support your Kidney and Adrenal health.

To your good health, Sydney Cooley L. Ac, Dipl OM