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Body Detox Program

We live in a world where interference is the obstacle that prevents life-force from flowing abundantly through the body. Acupuncture serves to open up energy pathways and allow to the body to heal itself, but… today, in 21st Century America, there is another type of interference that is blocking the body’s ability to heal and that is chemical interference or toxins.

The science of detox is extensive…

Blood sugar irregularities, energy lapses, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, irritability, weight gain, and thyroid challenges may all have toxicity at their core. Toxins accumulate from the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the environment we live in, and while they’re invisible and insidious, they’re hazardous to your health. These chemicals are in everything from pesticides to airplane exhaust and find their way into the cells of your body and begin a gradual breakdown that manifests as symptoms or signals that your body may be breaking down at the cellular level.

Now for the really good news.
I’ve participated in a detox program for several months that goes deep into the cellular level to pull toxins out of the cells and repair the cellular membrane and the mitochondria, the energy factory in the cell. Im feeling good, it’s easy and It is unlike any other detox I have ever encountered.

The solutions are not complicated, and the evidence has unfolded. Clients experiencing detoxification at the cellular level (unlike the off-the-shelf colon, liver, and kidney cleanses) find their insomnia becomes a thing of the past. Mood elevates almost instantly. Productivity returns. Feelings of joy return. Every system of the body begins to function better. The body happily begins to release fat. The human machine simply begins working as it was intended. All we have to do is remove the interference.

I’ll show you how…and with this specialized knowledge, you do it yourself!

To Your Best Health,
Sydney Cooley L. Ac., Dipl OM

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