As I pondered recently about why I love the work that I do, I also started thinking about the qualities that I love in my clients. In order for me to meet my professional purpose of serving others by helping people to experience a different state of being and enjoy a higher quality of life, it is helpful for my clients to have the following attributes:

* My ideal acupuncture client understands that our relationship is a partnership and takes an active role in the treatment process. He or she does their best to incorporate diet and lifestyle recommendations and is consistent with taking herbal prescriptions. They also give feedback for what is working and when we need to change focus.

* My ideal client understands that good health is a choice that requires a commitment to self-care, and that healing is a journey that takes time. As much as we would like, we cannot control the timeline when we’re on the road to wellness. Operating from a state of allowing the process to unfold and having patience with this process can bring great gifts.

* Lastly, my ideal client recognizes that Chinese medicine is a system of optimizing wellness, not just treating illness. It works very well to maintain your health, and can quickly correct an imbalance when you can have the self-awareness to address an issue when you first begin to notice it.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you. It’s the privilege of being a partner in your health and well-being that brings such great meaning to my work.

To your vibrant living,
Sydney Cooley L.Ac.
Located inside the Serving Life
Chiropractic Studio

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