There are so many things in the Durango Spring to be grateful for – blooming flowers, buds on the trees bursting forth, longer and warmer days. All this extra energy around us also means that since we are mirrors of our external environment, we have more energy available to us, as well.

You might find this juncture of the year (along with other seasons) a time when allergies emerge. If you are one that is affected and hypersensitive with an allergy, then acupuncture could be your relief!

I have to be honest and admit that there is one aspect of Spring that I am not a fan of, and that is wind. In my quest to turn my thinking around this from a negative into something positive, I found myself wondering what could be the positive benefits of wind? The Chinese classics say that wind represents change.

Certainly change is the only constant we can count on in this life, right? This is a great time of year to think about what in your life needs to change. Is it time to explore that career change? Are the relationships in your life nurturing and fulfilling? Are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your body all they can be? What needs to change in order for all to be healthy and in balance?

I have found that often acupuncture can help to get this process started. It is common for things to shift during a treatment, whether it be on a spiritual, emotional or physical level. You may find that you have an “aha” moment while you are in the recliner resting and letting the needles do their work.

Remember that acupuncture works on multiple system levels at the same time, and is an excellent way to re-energize and bring the body’s systems into harmony.

To your good health, Sydney
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