We are fortunate to live in a beautiful place here in Durango, where there is lots to do both indoors and out and we are excessively busy.

The good news is that there is naturally more energy, or yang energy, as the Chinese would say, available to us during the Summer time of year, but too much yang can overpower yin and create an imbalance.

Yin and Yang are the two polar energies that exist within everything in the natural world including ourselves. Yin is quiet, contemplative and the energy of being.  Yang is moving, goal oriented and the energy of doing.

Too many “to do” lists, hectic schedules and responsibilities can throw our nervous systems into fight or flight mode, dumps adrenaline and cortisol into the body and drains our yin.  Yin deficiency and an amped-up sympathetic nervous system can leave us feeling anxious, hot, dry, thirsty and restless.

Here some ways (treatments) to keep your yin and yang balanced:

* Focus on ‘being’ more and ‘doing’ less.
* Spend time breathing deep into your belly.  Chest breathing activates your sympathetic nervous system.
* Pick up an herbal formula that nourishes yin such as Six Flavor Tea.
* Drink less coffee.  If you must have caffeine, green tea is an excellent alternative. It is cooling and does not dehydrate like coffee does.
* Get periodic acupuncture tune ups to help keep all your energies flowing properly!

To a healthy balanced You!

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