Acupuncture assists with the relief of back, neck and joint pain…

Back (and shoulder/neck) pain is one of the most common reasons individuals will seek medical attention. Some of the most common reasons for back pain are muscle or ligament sprains or strains resulting from overuse or trauma, a herniated disc, or irritation of the sciatic nerve which can also be accompanied by radiating pain down the back of the leg. All of these conditions can be successfully treated with Chinese Medicine.

A Swedish hospital study demonstrated that acupuncture was a safe and effective procedure that provided long term pain relief. This is significant because the 50 participants had chronic back pain for a minimum of six months and had tried a variety of other therapies including corsets, nerve blocks, drugs and physiotherapy, none of which worked. Other improvements noted in the study were increased activity levels, more restful sleep and the need for fewer analgesics compared to the control group.

Most incidents of back pain last less than two weeks. However, it is common for pain to recur in the first few months following the initial episode. Acupuncture reduces the time it takes to recover and can prevent a condition from becoming chronic. One of the ways it works is that it causes the release of endorphins, the body’s own pain killers. The needles help to increase blood and energy circulation at the site of pain and stimulate a healing response. In the vocabulary of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture removes blockages in the body that cause stagnation of blood and energy and restores balance.

Other tools that can be incorporated in the treatment process is electrical stimulation (provides more stimulation to the needles. It’s similar to a tens unit), cupping, moxabustion (a type of hot herb held over the treatment site to improve circulation) and Chinese herbs for reducing inflammation, reducing pain and strengthening the overall system.

Acute conditions tend to respond fairly quickly to treatment whereas a chronic condition may take several weeks to see lasting improvement.

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