The earliest roots of Chinese medicine originate with Daoism. This lineage is often referred to as the inner tradition of Chinese medicine.

The Daoists believed that the body is not a biochemical machine like modern science does but is animated by spirit and that each one of us has an individual destiny determined for them before birth. In order to discover what that unique life path is, it is necessary to know who are true selves are.

As we move through life’s trials we put on a face to the world in an attempt to make life less painful. This process takes us away from who we are authentically underneath our facades and many of us will go through our entire lives not knowing who we are or what our purpose is on this earth.

According to the inner tradition of Chinese medicine, the highest level of healing a practitioner can provide is helping the patient recognize their inner nature and empowering them to take action consistent with their authentic self in order to fulfill their destiny.

Does this mean that as the result of acupuncture suddenly a person will know their purpose in life and have all the answers to the questions they have been seeking?

In my seven years of practice I can not say this has been my experience thus far. Perhaps I will know differently in 30 years. What I do know is that something powerful happens during a treatment when the (painless) needles are in place, the lights are dimmed  and one is left to connect with oneself a little deeper.

As the blood and oxygen flows or the qi moves or the life force is tapped into, however you choose to think about it, a door is opened for an inner process to start to happen. I believe that when connection happens, health will follow.

To Your Best Health,
Sydney Cooley L. Ac., Dipl OM

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine