Just by applying some (if not all) of these simple considerations through-out the day, you’ll discover some very powerful results in your health and wellness

To Your Best Health!
Sydney Cooley L. Ac., Dipl OM

Improve Your Health…


Divide your weight in half and drink that many ounces of purified water each day.  Do not drink distilled water for more than 2 weeks since it chelates, or removes minerals from the body.  Drink more if detoxing, or drinking coffee and/or alcohol (not recommended as it dehydrates and acidifies the body).

Notice your breath as often as you comfortably can throughout the day.  Let your awareness settle on your breathing pattern and observe it.  Now, take a good long deep breath inhaling at least 5 seconds and exhaling 5 seconds.  Remember that oxygen is synonymous with good health.

Don’t let more than 2-3 nights pass without adequate sleep.  Nighttime chemistry is when your body repairs and heals itself.

Take time to ask yourself at the end of the day, “Did I laugh today?”  Laughter has been proven to strengthen the immune system.

Healing power lies in doing things you love.  Plan something to look forward to each day to connect you with the healing life force each day.  Your imagination is a must; your immune system doesn’t know the difference between and actual picnic in the park or one you might dream up while sitting in your own home.

Your body was designed to move every day.  Your lymph and circulation systems don’t function optimally without the movement of your muscles.  Find a fun type of exercise that you simply can’t find an excuse not to do.   Exercise is necessary to prevent stagnation and degeneration in the body.

Look at a tree each day and emulate its magnificent posture.  Correct posture helps your nervous system, spine, digestion, elimination, and your attitude.

When food goes into the body, feces should come out.  Your bowels need to move at least twice a day to keep toxins from accumulating (similar to not ever taking out the garbage).  Adequate water, exercise, breathing, good food, posture, all are important in improving bowel function.  Also avoid white flour and products made from it since it works like glue in the body and has very little nutrient value.

Happy Thoughts
Happy thoughts can be the path to happiness.  They connect us with confidence and courage to act in the positive and to the power to believe in ourselves, to live our lives according to our hopes and dreams.